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ublic and private grants are going to fire departments every day.Grants help to pay for equipment, new facilities, training, public education, research, and special projects. To be successful, you need the right tools and skills...That's what you'll get at this workshop. Here are the cities where this program has been given to full classes in the last year.

Albany, New York
Austin, Texas
Berwyn Heights, Maryland
Carrollton, Texas
Champaign, Illinois
Columbia, Missouri
Columbia, South Carolina
Darien, Illinois
Denver, Colorado
Durham, New Hampshire
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Indianapolis, Indiana
Kannapolis, North Carolina
Madera, California
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nashville, Tennessee

  New Hope, Pennsylvania
Orlando, Florida
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Portland, Oregon
Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Richmond, Virginia
Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Salina, Kansas
San Bernardino, California
San Jose, California
Santa Monica, California
Sayreville, New Jersey
Seattle, Washington
Southampton, New Jersey
South Portland, Maine
Springfield, Illinois

This one-day workshop, designed specifically for the fire service, provides all the tools you need to be successful,  including a complete listing of grant sources in your local area. Letters from attendees.

Workshop Sessions Cover:

smalldot.gif (911 bytes) Locating Public and Private Funding Sources in your State

smalldot.gif (911 bytes) How to Approach Foundations That Give Grants to the Fire Service

smalldot.gif (911 bytes) What your Grant Proposal Must Have for You to be Successful

smalldot.gif (911 bytes) Using the Internet as a Tool in Your Search for Funding

About the Instructor...

Rodney Slaughter (see interview
) is President of Dragonfly Communications. His firm provides grant writing and individual consulting for the fire service.

Free Book
Every attendee will receive a free copy of Mr. Slaughter's book, "The Fire Service Guide to Proposal Writing." This guide is filled with winning examples, research tools and funding ideas to help you get the grants you want.

    The tuition fee of $195 per person covers all sessions, a copy of Mr. Slaughter's book, "The Fire Service Guide to Proposal Writing," refreshment breaks, luncheon and certificate of completion.

A Message from The Idea Bank

Dates & Locations

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February 12th (Monday)
Co-Sponsor: Metro Atlanta
Professional Fire Fighters Council
Site: 5809 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, Georgia 
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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February 14th (Wednesday)
Co-Sponsor: San Antonio Fire Dept.
Site: San Antonio Municipal Court Building
401 South Frio, Second Floor
San Antonio, Texas 
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

smalldot.gif (911 bytes) February 15th (Thursday)
Co-Sponsor: Mesa Fire Dept.
Site:: Mesa City Plaza Building
20 East Main Street, Room #170
Mesa, Arizona 
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Comments from Attendees...

I'm excited to start looking for funding for my fire department. It's hard to find good professional training related to the fire service, and your presentation is excellent! 
Jeff Bengtson
Fire Commander
Mankato, MN

Each year, we're faced with the challenge of providing more and varied services to our communities. Finding new funding sources is critical, and this exciting workshop shows us how.
--Steven Sapp
Columbia (MO) Fire Department

This workshop is a fabulous opportunity for our regional task forces to learn how to get the start-up and operating capital they need.
--Daniel Burnardy
Deputy State Fire Marshal
State of Minnesota

I challenge every fire department to attend this workshop! It's the only one that will pay back your tuition fee.
--Mark Lee
Fire Inspector
Kannapolis (NC) Fire Department

Very well organized. This is a much needed course for all fire service managers.
--Don Davis
San Diego Class

Mr. Slaughter did a great job keeping the class involved--with experiences, stories and unexpected funding sources.
--Teresa Fricke
San Diego Class

...very professional and enlightening grant writing class...informative and well done.
-- Charles Werner, Battalion Chief Charlottesville, VA Fire Dept.

Great workshop! You helped me focus on what I needed to know, and how to organize the project from the beginning.
--Darlene Bennett,
Nevada County Fire District

$30 Discount!
Members of the National Volunteer Fire Council qualify for a reduced tuition fee of $165.

Click here to find out how to join NVFC.

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